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Riverwise: Meditations on Afon Teifi

Jack Smylie Wild
pubblicato da Parthian Books

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Riverwise, a volume of slow river prose centred around Afon Teifi, is a book of wanderings and wonderings, witnessings and enchantments, rememberings and endings. Weaving memoir, poetry and keen observation into its meandering course, it shifts across time and space to reflect the beauty of hidden, fluvial places, and to meditate on the strangeness of being human.

Along the way, hosts of things glimmer on the water and resurface from the depths: characters, creatures, plants, ruins, roots and words, all bound and etched together in the liquid slate of Teifi's ceaseless becoming. As new questions are asked beside old, half-forgotten streams, currents conjoin into an unexpected narrative.

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Riverwise: Meditations on Afon Teifi

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