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Royalty and Diplomacy in Europe, 1890-1914
Royalty and Diplomacy in Europe, 1890-1914

Royalty and Diplomacy in Europe, 1890-1914

Roderick R. McLean
pubblicato da Cambridge University Press

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This 2001 book examines the diplomatic role of royal families in the era before the outbreak of the First World War. It argues that previous historians have neglected for political reasons the important political and diplomatic role of monarchs during the period. Particular attention is given to the Prusso-German, Russian and British monarchies. The Prusso-German and Russian monarchies were central in their countries' diplomacy and foreign policy, principally as a result of their control over diplomatic and political appointments. However, the book also argues that the British monarchy played a much more influential role in British diplomacy than has been accepted hitherto by historians. Individual themes examined include relations between Kaiser Wilhelm II and Tsar Nicholas II, the political significance of the ill-feeling between Wilhelm II and his uncle King Edward VII, the role of Edward VII in British diplomacy, and the impact of royal visits on pre-1914 Anglo-German relations.

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'... a very interesting and well-researched book.' Professor Dominic Lieven, Reviews in History 'The author bases his arguments on solid sources from German and British archives and demonstrates in this interesting book, which is well worth reading, that the role of monarchs has been unjustly ignored by most historians up to now.' Dr Annika Mombauer, Historische Zeitschrit '... impressively researched ...' Dr Christopher Clark, St Catharine's College, Cambridge '... pioneering ... effectively reconstructs the diplomatic histories of the United Kingdom, the Kaiserreich and the Russian Empire from the point of view of their monarchs ... sheds ... light on well-known events, such as the signing of the Entente cordiale, the Moroccan crises and the annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina ... asks new questions about the role of monarchs within deferential, stratified societies.' Mark Hewitson, English Historical Review 'It is the great virtue of Royalty and Diplomacy in Europe that it asks new questions about the role of monarchs within deferential, stratified societies, and under democratic, mixed, and sometimes unfathomable systems of government.' Oxford Academic Journals 'The edition is a historian's dream ... the kind of reference book that generations of historians have to take into account if they want to understand the processes which led from the German Federation to the German Empire ... a well-balanced selection that will probably please political, social, economic, and military historians alike. the dispatches, which have never been published before, are transcribed and annotated in an exemplary fashion ...' The Historical Journal


Generi History » Contemporary History » Modern History » Europe

Editore Cambridge University Press

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 26/07/2007

Pagine 268

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780521038195

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Royalty and Diplomacy in Europe, 1890-1914

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