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Sell Your Words: Write, Self-Publish, and Market Nonfiction Books

Leila Peltosaari
pubblicato da Tikka Books

Prezzo online:

Become an indie author and discover unexpected adventures. As an important alternative to traditional trade publishing, self-publishing allows writers to make all the decisions regarding their book. You will control every step from content to cover, from promotion to pricing, from publicity to marketing. This easy-to-read beginner's guide without fluff has vital topics and imperative details full of no-nonsense, practical wisdom from more than three decades of the author's personal experience.

Approximate length: 170 pages

About the author:

Leila Peltosaari immigrated to Canada from Finland in 1973. She started self-publishing sewing books when her children were little, and then moved onto other non-fiction and how-to books. She has published 15 books over the years, won two awards, and has been featured in hundreds of publications. She currently lives in Montreal, near her children and grandchildren, and continues writing.

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Sell Your Words: Write, Self-Publish, and Market Nonfiction Books

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