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Ron Immink
pubblicato da Oak Tree Press

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`Sense-making' is not about making sense about the exponential development in technology, as that is now a given, but about the impact and implications of technology on business and humanity. Here are the books: The Fourth Age: A book about how humanity has evolved and progressed - with some warnings, but with a very optimistic perspective on humankind; Life 3.0: We are playing with fire, as we don't understand the law of unintended consequences. And because AI is developing at an exponential rate, it might run away with itself and with us before we realise it - with potentially some dark and dire consequences; Technology vs Humanity: A very interesting book about how machines and a winners-take-all approach are potentially destroying our humanity - killing emotions, mistakes, serendipity, creativity and ultimately not allowing us to be the messy, weird, compassionate, wonderful human beings that we are; What's the Future and Why It's Up to Us: Tim O'Reilly writes about moral choices of where we want to go; No Ordinary Disruption: About the hard statistics, such as demographics and climate impact, urbanisation, emerging economies, pension bombs, shorter company life cycles, job and skill gaps, capital shortage, shortages, boom and bust and the increasing cost base; Thank You for Being Late: We are now so advanced in technology that one lone wolf with a DNA sequencer can kill everyone on this planet; Leadership: Leadership and the Lindy effect (back to ancient values and principles); The New Leadership Literacies: The new leadership literacies are the old ones - combined with technology such as gaming, AR and VR, social media, big data, etc, but ultimately it is about storytelling, clarity, discipline, culture and authenticity; The Captain Class: If you do not lead from the front, you will not be a CEO or leader for long; Putting Stories to Work: Sense-making and all the traits and characteristics of good leadership come together in the ability to create and tell a good story; Capacity: Health is becoming an issue. Why not get people to bring their best self to work, by being healthy at all levels? Physically, mentally and emotionally. That also means that you need to be fit as a leader or CEO. Leading by example; Legacy: This book follows the All Blacks on how they developed a lasting winning culture, applying very old principles such as humility, no-assholes allowed, sacrifice, accountability, identity, character and legacy. Ensuring that everyone leaves their jersey in a better place; Fusion: Culture eats strategy; culture eats technology; culture makes you more agile and resilient. Culture is the last business battleground; Deep Work: Go deep. Go focused. Manage your attention span, and strive to do your best work. Focus on mastery. Quality always wins; Perennial Selling: A no-nonsense approach to long-term success, summarised in three words: Bloody Hard Work.

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