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The way man has been living is not the Truth of Life. Man has been living on the words of man experiencing a life separate and apart from God and not by the Word of God, the consciousness of God through the revealed Christ of your own being.

Why has no one asked: why, if there is a New Testament that gives of a God of grace, of love and forgiveness, harmony, peace and abundance does every religion based on a single God still express from, live by and adhere to the Lord God of the Old Testament of laws?

Why, if the New Testament reveals how all can live a life under grace through the awakened Christ of their own being as revealed by Jesus the Christ, are we still living by the mosaic laws/10 commandments of the Old Testament? Because the Truth revealed in the New Testament reveals how man of earth can be free of death, free from fear, lack, disease, age, pain and limitation in any and all form and when man knows their Truth and is free in consciousness they cannot be controlled, coerced, manipulated or lied to because nothing of the world is necessary to your livingness when you know the Truth of all supply.

When you know God/Truth you understand what is meant by to be in the world but not of the world and this is your ticket to eternal freedom in God.

What you have been seeking out in the world but have not found is available to you right where you are when you know the Truth of God and the Truth of error/evil/the devil. Through study of Truth and true prayer/inner listening not talking, you raise your conscious understanding of Truth/God to live that Truth in expression as the peace, harmony, abundance and joy you sought from the world. This is the life of the risen Christ inherent in all for all are but spiritual man unaware of their Truth, child of God, spiritual in nature and eternal in expression.

Sense to Soul is the study of God/Truth that shows you how to know God by an actual awareness of its presence which is called the mystical experience of meeting the Father face to face. It is this inner knowing that allows you to live Truth and share Truth secretly, silently and sacredly with those receptive to that which is not among man where it is not known-God.

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Sense to Soul

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