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She Survived: Melissa

M. William Phelps - Melissa Schickel
pubblicato da Pinnacle Books

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From the bestselling author of The Killing Kind, a woman shares her story of survival after an attack during a home invasion.

A few days before her twenty-sixth birthday, Melissa Schickel returned to her Indianapolis home and went to bed. An hour later, she was yanked from her dreams into terror. An intruder held her down, brutally beating and stabbing her.

Melissa fought fiercely. The assailant fled, leaving her to face a long road to recovery from deep-seated fear and post-traumatic stress. She tells her exclusive true story as part of a compelling narrative by bestselling crime expert M. William Phelps. Her strength and courage will inspire all women with similar experiences to think of themselves proudly as survivorsnot victims.

Praise for New York Times bestselling author M. William Phelps

"One of America's finest true-crime writers." Vincent Bugliosi, New York Times bestselling author of Helter Skelter

"Phelps is the Harlan Coben of real-life thrillers." Allison Brennan, New York Times bestselling author of Tell No Lies

"Anything by Phelps is an eye-opening experience." Suspense Magazine

"Phelps is the king of true crime." Lynda Hirsch, Creators Syndicate columnist

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She Survived: Melissa

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