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Starting Your Own Business: A Workbook 4th edition

Brian O'Kane - Ron Immink
pubblicato da Oak Tree Press

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Starting Your Own Business: A Workbook was originally commissioned in 1997 by the Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment under Measure 4 of the Operational Programme for Small Business to meet a real need for practical, relevant information among would-be entrepreneurs. More than 20 years on, Starting Your Own Business: A Workbook is still in publication and is the standard text on practical business planning for Irish entrepreneurs. This fourth edition has been updated and expanded to reflect changing trends in Irish small business. Starting Your Own Business: A Workbook is designed to take a potential entrepreneur through the whole process of starting a business, from first thoughts about self-employment to the practicalities of start-up. The workbook consists of three core chapters: READY: The first chapter, covering preparation, self-assessment, ideas generation, market research and training for entrepreneurs; STEADY: The bulk of the guide, covering business planning, raising finance, sources of assistance, choosing premises, recruiting staff, marketing, book-keeping and management issues: and GO!: When everything has been thought through and you are ready, this section provides the remaining information you need to get started and keep your business going strong. Throughout the workbook, you will find checklists, flowcharts and questionnaires designed to make you think about your proposed business. Many of these are available for download from

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Starting Your Own Business: A Workbook 4th edition

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