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Kimberly Owens
pubblicato da Kimberly Owens

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Cmng is a grt way t nd tm wth th fml w frm th hustle nd butl f lf. Whl thr r different vw of camping, from th luxurious RV campers to those tht prefer t "rugh t" with jut th br essentials, n thng is lw prominent on a mr' lt and tht fd. Grt food mk for a wonderful mng tr nd one of th easiest w t k whl camping to u a t rn dutch oven. When u k n it, vrthng rrd n tht n t. Thrw in n mbntn f mt, vegetables nd nng nd th results will lw b delicious.

Ckng with t rn has bn around fr a vr lng tm. The trdtnl Duth oven has been around fr hundreds f years. Irn cookware w ud by early colonists nd settlers t Amr nd w wll lvd du to t xtrm versatility and durblt. It gnd nrmu popularity during th 1800's, and today, t regaining m f the popularity f the t.

On f the reasons hv rn is hghl valued du t t cooking properties, nd t and kllt r made from it r xtnll versatile. Yu can u thm on th tv top r the vn t k vrtull ll of ur meals. They r vn excellent t use vr n fr whn mng. Th t f kwr extremely good at conducting ht, nd t does in n even and predictable fhn.

Cmfr cooking with a traditional t iron Dutch vn uull an ntgrl rt of n utdr mng xrn. Duth vn kng ulr wth utdr mr that u will probably find more mfr r fr this f camping kwr thn n other. But whthr you are a bgnnr, r n experienced camp cook, there are m basic tools nd accessories u wll nd. Th ntl tools for cooking wth a Duth oven wll make the job a lot r nd fr.

Sft tm: Thick Lthr Glv and Ld Lifter

Convenience Tl: Long-Handled Tng, Whk Brm, and Ld Stand

Blkbrr Cmfr Cbblr


2 Cans pie filling, any flvr

1 n -12 z Gngr Ale, n flvr

1 dry white cake mx

Gunn Beef Stw


2 tb. lv oil

3 lb. beef huk rt, well trmmd nd ut into 2-nh pieces

Khr salt nd frhl grund black r

2 medium onions, cut nt 1-nh thk wdg

4 lv grl, chopped

1 lb. mdum rrt, ut nt 1-nh

12 oz. mdum rn, cut into 1-inch

3 tbsp. ll-ur flur

1 (14.9-ounce) n Guinness Extra Stut r thr tut beer (but 2 u)

3 . hkn tk

1 (6-un) n tomato paste

1 lb. Yukon Gold potatoes, ut nt 1-inch

8 sprigs thm, td tgthr

2 b leaves

1/2 c. frh flt-lf rl, hd

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Generi Gastronomia » Tecniche di cottura e conservazione » Ricette » Carne , Hobby e Tempo libero » Fai da te » Consigli per la gestione della casa

Editore Kimberly Owens

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 03/06/2023

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230006513559

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