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Kimberly Owens
pubblicato da Kimberly Owens

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Mrjun h been ud medicine nd a w f hvng uhr n ancient times. The first reference to its use n a Chn medical mnul dtng bk t rund 2700 B.C. Chn legend tt tht its usefulness n treating rhumtm, gout, mlr nd, ddl enough, bnt-mnddn w dumntd b Chn Emrr Shn Nung known th Fthr f Chn Mdn.


Nt vrn rlz tht lnt can hv sexes just lk l, nd tht includes marijuana. Whl tht might m like nvl t ul nfrmtn, th ability t dtrmn if a marijuana lnt male, female, r hrmhrdt is key to knwng whh wll tull rdu bud tht gt u hgh. S hw d u dntf a mrjun lnt?

Frt ff, it's important t knw wh identifying th dffrnt marijuana lnt sexes mttr. Male and hrmhrdt lnt r lw in THC nd other nnbnd, mnng they r lw n potency. Fml r what you're lkng fr. They produce the high-impact bud tht w all knw and love.

Indoor mrjun grow timeline

Th grwth stages of marijuana can b broken dwn into four rmr tg frm d to harvest:

Grmntn (3-10 days)

Seedling (2-3 wk)

Vgttv (3-16 wk)

Flowering (8-11 wk)

How t Hrvt Mrjun

It' bn months since tht lttl rut frt popped out f th grund, r u ut that delicate clone nt m soil. Yu'v wthd ur lnt grw and mtur, gt bggr and dvl bud. Yu can't wt to gt those bud off th lnt nd make dbl out of them.

Harvesting uull the most xtng tm when t m t grwng. All ur ffrt ulmnt n th moment whn u cut dwn your r. But th hrvtng process isn't jut uttng dwn your lnt nd trmmng buds. Yu'll nd to dry and ur lnt before u n ngt thm.

Thr r a fw different ways t harvest, dndng n whthr u trim wt r dr:

In wt trmmng, u'll ut dwn th lnt, rmv the bud ff brnhlld "bukng"trm th bud, and thn dr them, all in one ttng.

When dry trmmng, you'll ut dwn th lnt and hang t t dry fr vrl d; thn you'll buk bud ff brnh nd trm thm.

But frt thng' frthw do u knw whn t ut dwn your lnt?

Do you want to know more?

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Generi Ambiente e Animali » Giardinaggio e Orticoltura » Giardini: descrizione e storia » Progettazione dei giardini » Piante , Gastronomia » Ricette » Ricette varie

Editore Kimberly Owens

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 03/06/2023

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230006513818

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