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Tell Me a Huntin' Story

Don Hicks - Steve Chapman
pubblicato da Harvest House Publishers

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Gather 'Round for a Good Story

Kick back, relax, and relive some of your favorite memories as hunting buddies Steve Chapman and Don Hicks tell a tale or two from time spent in God's great outdoors.

Hit the trail with Steve and Don as they share about

  • Escaping nature's fiery wrath by miraculous means
  • Discovering new interests at midlife and beyond
  • Experiencing the highs and lows of tracking wounded game
  • Depending on God's perfect timing in a perilous situation
  • Enjoying more from hunting than just the thrill of the kill

As you enjoy these stories and many more, you'll experience the adventure and adrenaline rush of the hunt, learn tips and techniques to try on your next outing, and gain insight and inspiration you can apply to your spiritual life.

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Tell Me a Huntin

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