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The Asheville Bee Charmer Cookbook

Carrie Schloss
pubblicato da Agate Publishing

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"A beautiful tribute . . . From breakfast pastries to exotic marinades to unexpected desserts, Carrie Schloss explores the many sides of honey. " Ashlee Aubin, executive chef, Fisk & Co.

Asheville Bee Charmer, opened in 2014 by beekeepers Jillian Kelly and Kim Allen, has become a destination for both local foodies and tourists. This honey purveyor, located in one of the most pollinator-friendly parts of the United States, offers a range of bee-related products and more than fifty different artisanal honey varietalseach with its own unique color, texture, and taste.

Inspired by the vast honey selection available behind the Honey Bar, chef Carrie Schloss has created The Asheville Bee Charmer Cookbook, a collection featuring 130 recipes, twenty honey varietals, and eight special Bee Charmer blends. With a color, aroma, and tasting guide to honey varietals and dishes like Bee Pollen Nut Brittle, Chipotle Honey-Marinated Skirt Steak, and Milk and Honey Dinner Rolls, this cookbook proves that honey is the best way to season or sweeten your next meal.

Schloss writes with the home cook in mind, packing complex, surprising flavors into recipes written in clear, accessible prose, and the recipes are accompanied by beautiful full-color photography throughout.

"An inspiration . . . Cooks of every level will leave the sugar in their cupboards and reach for their new favorite local varietal instead." Chris Pandel, chef/partner, Swift & Sons

"A lovely testimonial to the significance of the honeybee. With these delicious, approachable recipes, being good stewards of the land has never tasted so sweet. " Laurell Sims, urban farmer, beekeeper, and Slow Food Chicago board member


Generi Gastronomia » Cucina salutista e per specifiche diete » Ricette » Ricette varie

Editore Agate Publishing

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 24/11/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781572848016

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The Asheville Bee Charmer Cookbook

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