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The Belchester Chronicles Books 1 - 3 - Andrea Frazer
The Belchester Chronicles Books 1 - 3 - Andrea Frazer

Audiolibro The Belchester Chronicles Books 1 - 3

Andrea Frazer
pubblicato da JDI Publications

Prezzo online:

Murder and Mischief with Lady Amanda Golightly

Follow the exploits of the eccentric Lady Amanda Golightly and her loyal friend Hugo as they stumble upon murder and mayhem whilst navigating English country life.

In Strangeways to Oldham, Amanda discovers a long-lost friend in a nursing home and promptly falls into a murder mystery. Refusing to be seen as a "silly old biddy," Amanda and Hugo dust off their sleuthing skills to outwit the police.

In White Christmas with a Wobbly Knee, scandal strikes Belchester Towers when a guest is murdered five times over! Amanda and Hugo must beat the dour Inspector Moody to identify the culprit amongst their batty friends, all while planning a new business venture. Pass the cocktails!

Finally, the intrepid duo head to a Scottish castle for a spot of Burns Night revelry in Snowballs and Scotch Mist. But soon there is dirty dealing afoot and the kilted house party turns deadly. More mischief and murder await Amanda and Hugo in the Highlands.

With sparkling wit, unforgettable characters, and quintessential English charm, this cozy triple set will delight mystery lovers and Anglophiles alike. Cheerio!

Dettagli down

Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Gialli, mistery e noir

Editore Jdi Publications

Formato Audiolibro

Durata 17:50.53

Pubblicato 21/03/2024

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230007543821

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The Belchester Chronicles Books 1 - 3

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