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The Breast Life Guide to The Bra Zone

Elisabeth Dale
pubblicato da Mammoirs Media

Prezzo online:

Does bra-shopping drive you crazy?

Do you wear old, worn out bras because replacing them seems like too much work? Confused by all the rules around bra sizing and fit?

You're not alone. Buying a bra can be stressful, even if you've done it a thousand times. The way bras are made, sized, and sold is hard to understand. You even wear more than one size, depending on style and brand. The Breast Life Guide to The Bra Zone gives you the tools you need to find bras that fit your body, personal style, and budget.

Welcome to a new world of bra wear. The bra of the 21st Century is no longer an imposition a woman feels compelled to wear, but rather an exciting, unique, beautiful, figure-changing, empowering, fun part of her wardrobe. There are more places to buy, multiple ways to size, and dozens of brands available. So how do you choose?

Enter the Bra Zone!

Inside you'll find:

  • ways to calculate size, even without a measuring tape
  • basic bra fashion styles and how they change the look of breasts
  • bra wardrobe essentials, when to wash and replace them, and where to recycle
  • hacks and fixes, helpful photos, and critical online lingerie resources
  • one simple cupcake trick to get your ideal fit!

The Breast Life Guide to The Bra Zone gives you practical advice on how to find the fit, fashion, and function you needwhether buying your first or 50th bra.

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Generi Salute Benessere Self Help » Bellezza e Moda , Hobby e Tempo libero » Saper vivere » Guide alla moda e allo stile , Architettura Design e Moda » Moda » Guide alla moda e allo stile » Design di moda » Moda: storia e società

Editore Mammoirs Media

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 01/07/2016

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780990333128

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The Breast Life Guide to The Bra Zone

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