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The Complete Book of Pickleball - Kurt Brungardt - Brett Brungardt - Mike Brungardt
The Complete Book of Pickleball - Kurt Brungardt - Brett Brungardt - Mike Brungardt

The Complete Book of Pickleball

Kurt Brungardt - Brett Brungardt - Mike Brungardt
pubblicato da Penguin Publishing Group

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A holistic workout program that shares ways to improve the fitness benefits of this wildly popular sport while remaining injury-free.

Build Your Best Pickleball Body and Play Fast, Strong, and Injury-Free

Easy to learn and fun to play, pickleball is also a surprisingly athletic sport. In this user-friendly book, fitness superstars, the Brungardt brothers, focus their expertise on the needs of pickleball players of all levels, applying the same innovative training methods they've used with NBA MVPs, Cy Young Award-winners, and Olympic and tennis champions, to make picklers more athletic and injury-resistant.

To safely reach your pickleball potential, health and fitness professionals agree that the sport should not be your only form of exercise. To fill this critical gap, the Brungardts have created PB-150, a comprehensive program that delivers all the components of an elite pro training center experiencewith the fun and flexibility of the pickleball spirit.

The Complete Book of Pickleball brings together a dream team of experts in the fields of strength and conditioning, sports movement, sports vision, physical therapy, sportspsychology, athletic training, performance nutrition, and sports medicine. Along with the Brungardts, these experts will coach you through an interactive, easy-to-follow, holistic workout that includes:

  • Prehab exercises to help you avoid injuries and play pain-free
  • Dynamic warm-ups to prep you to play at a high level
  • Strength Training to increase your power output
  • Drills to improve balance, coordination, agility, and quickness
  • Sports Vision Training to boost reaction time
  • Mental techniques to enhance your game and create resilience
  • Performance nutrition to fuel, recover, and rebuild

Combining your passion for the game with the PB-150 training program gives you a portal into all the transformative benefits of exercise, while allowing you to enjoy the game you love, for a lifetime.

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Generi Sport » Altri sport

Editore Penguin Publishing Group

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 30/04/2024

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780593715208

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The Complete Book of Pickleball

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