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The Duke and Duchess's Kama Sutra

Marisa Bennett
pubblicato da Skyhorse

Prezzo online:

The talk of the town is behind closed doors.

Have everything you burn for with The Duke and Duchess's Kama Sutra. In this companion guide to the Regency bedroom, you and your gentleman will be offered Grosvenor Square's best-kept secrets to seduction, passion, and the refined etiquette of fulfilling every desire. Feel how furtive glances and the yearning of a long-awaited touch leads to brimming passion, discover how the language of flowersand of lustcan turn your courtship into a thrilling romance, and explore how achieving positions of high society can make your love's flame one that endures for all time. This guide will reveal how to:

  • Turn coy courtship into conquered desires
  • Use letters, flowers, and other elegant techniques as foreplay
  • Embrace fantasy scenarios, self-pleasure, and role-playing
  • Master sensual Duke and Duchess positionsfrom the tasteful to the blush-worthy
  • Heighten anticipation, prolong intimacy, and honor shared pleasure

While a lady and a gentleman never disclose their confidences, this guide to pleasure and passion whispers all the best secrets of love done so right that even Lady Whistledown would blush to repeat them.

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The Duke and Duchess

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