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The Falconer Files Murder Mysteries Books 1 - 7

Andrea Frazer
pubblicato da JDI Publications

Prezzo online:

Get books 1 - 7 in the Falconer Files series in this great value box set.

Praise for Andrea Frazer's twisty and compelling crime novels:

'A mischievously entertaining crime novel' SIMON BRETT

***** 'The best laugh I have had for a long time. Great story very well written' Reader Review

***** 'I loved the book. A good British mystery. Characters are great. All mystery lovers would enjoy this' Reader Review

***** 'I have read all of the Falconer Files and they are all excellent. Well written with lovable and quirkycharacters' Reader Review

***** 'Once again, another gripping story in a perfect village... a lot of twists and turns and wonderfuldescriptions so that one feels actually "there" amongst it all' Reader Review


Book 1. Death of an Old Git
In the village of Castle Farthing a mean-spirited, spiteful, curmudgeonly old man is found drugged and strangled in the kitchen of his cottage, with no obvious clues to the perpetrator of the crime.

Book 2. Choked Off
When Marcus Willoughby is found dead at his desk in his new home, no crocodile tears are shed. His demise is even presented on air, during his pre-recorded radio show Marcus having been 'choked off' for good while in full flow. His arrival in the village had obviously caused a few already guilty hearts to beat faster, and precipitates the hasty confessions of dark deeds thought long since buried.

Book 3. Inkier Than the Sword
In the quiet village of Steynham St Michael there is an anonymous letter writer at work, jabbing and stabbing at the past's Achilles' heels of many of the upright citizens living there.
After one resident is driven to extreme measures to escape exposure, another is driven to murder.

Book 4. Pascal Passion
It is in the year that the headmistress, Audrey Finch-Matthews, is to retire, that the smooth running of this long-established educational establishment is interrupted by murder.
When Detective Inspector Harry Falconer and Detective Sergeant Davey Carmichael of the Market Darley Police arrive to investigate, they discover a host of motives, both past and present, and grudges that reach right back through the years.

Book 5. Murder at the Manse
Jefferson Grammaticus and his business partners, Jocelyn and Jerome Freeman, had spent two years on the extensive renovation of the two hundred year old building.
Grammaticus booked in his first guests with great optimism, believing that 'The Manse' had a sparkling future ahead of it. He was soon to be disabused of this, however, when two people were killed and another lay gravely ill!

Book 6. Music to Die For
The last three Musical Directors of 'The Dalziels' had left them high and dry by moving to France. Their next one was to make the 'ultimate move' by getting himself murdered!
The village band in Swinbury Abbot has jogged along quite happily for nigh on a decade. Band practices are free and easy affairs, the music never commencing until after a rather lavish meal with wine, followed by more wine, and then maybe running through a piece or two, just for form's sake. Until the vicar turns up with a new musical director, who plays quite a different tune!

Book 7. Strict and Peculiar
In the village of Steynam St Michael, the old Strict and Particular Chapel is , at last, undergoing renovation, to the delight of the local inhabitants, who believe it will prove useful as a tourist attraction for the village
The renovations, however, have been dogged by the sightings of mysterious hooded figures, and tributes of flowers, left here and there on the site.
Then, a body is found on the stone altar table in the Chapel, and events begin to spiral out of

Dettagli down

Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Gialli, mistery e noir

Editore Jdi Publications

Formato Ebook (senza DRM)

Pubblicato 25/11/2023

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230006989002

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The Falconer Files Murder Mysteries Books 1 - 7

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