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The Fortunes of Nigel

Sir Walter Scott
pubblicato da E-BOOKARAMA

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Almost immediately after completing "The Pirate" in October 1821, Walter Scott began working on "The Fortunes of Nigel", set in the reign of King James VI and I, whose 'rare mixture of sense and nonsense, pedantry and childishness, wit and folly' he thought had long merited literary treatment.
"The Fortunes of Nigel" sits among Scott's richest creations in political insight, range of characterisation and linguistic virtuosity. Well versed in the political literature of the period, Scott drew a detailed picture of London in the early 17th century while charting the effects of Scottish influx into the English capital: the ambitions and fears of the incomers and the suspicion they aroused. The complex web of political (and sexual) intrigue, and especially of all-important financial dealings and double-dealings, is traced with a master's hand. No Scott novel has a more memorable cast of characters.

A young Scottish nobleman, Nigel Olifaunt, Lord Glenvarloch, travels to London in order to ask the King to repay his father's loan. Nigel wishes to use the money to pay off a mortgage on his estatebut the Duke of Buckingham and Prince Charles already have their eyes on it. The lord is drawn into the chaotic life of the court, and when he becomes an enemy of the profligate Lord Dalgarno, he finds himself in grave danger.

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The Fortunes of Nigel

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