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The Fun Street Friends and the Camping Trip

Fun Street Friends - Simon Abbott
pubblicato da Caramel

Prezzo online:

Age : 6-7 years old Reading Level : 1st Grade

It is the weekend and the Fun Street Friends go on a camping trip!

Discover the thrilling adventures of Sam, Sadie and their 3 pet friends: Jazz the Bunny, Carly the cat and Tim the tortoise. This happy bunch goes through all kind of imaginary and fantastic escapades that will please and amuse children of all ages.


What a beautiful day! The sun was shining, the sky was blue and not a single cloud could be seen.
"Fab!" Sadie smiled, as she pulled back the curtains.
"Let's hope it stays like this for the weekend!"
"Oh yeah!" winked Sam.
"This would be perfect!".
Carly, Tim and Jazz looked puzzled.
"Perfect for what?" they asked. "What have you been planning?".
"Well" said Sam, as he stood next to Sadie."
"We have a special announcement"
Sadie took a deep breath.
"Ladies and Gentlemen!
This is the weekend for the Fun Street Friend's Camping Trip!".

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The Fun Street Friends and the Camping Trip

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