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The Fun Street Friends and the Cardboard Box

Fun Street Friends - Simon Abbott
pubblicato da Caramel

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Age : 6-7 years old Reading Level : 1st Grade

The Fun Street Friends cannot play outside because of the weather, but with a bit of imagination, playing inside turns out to be just as fun!

Discover the thrilling adventures of Sam, Sadie and their 3 pet friends: Jazz the Bunny, Carly the cat and Tim the tortoise. This happy bunch goes through all kind of imaginary and fantastic escapades that will please and amuse children of all ages.


The Fun Street Friends peered miserably through the curtains. The rain splashed against the window and the wind whistled through the trees. It was freezing cold, and the sun was hidden by fluffy grey clouds. The footpath was icy and there were puddles all over the garden.
Jazz, Carly and Tim shivered at the thought of playing outside.
"Oh dear!" said Sadie, sadly.
"This isn't quite what we had planned."
"Too right!" grumbled Sam. "You can say that again!"

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The Fun Street Friends and the Cardboard Box

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