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The King's Jewel - Elizabeth Chadwick
The King's Jewel - Elizabeth Chadwick

Audiolibro The King's Jewel

Elizabeth Chadwick
pubblicato da Little, Brown Book Group

Prezzo online:

Wales, 1093.

The warm, comfortable family life of young Nesta, daughter of Prince Rhys of Deheubarth, is destroyed when her father is killed and she is taken hostage. Her honour is further tarnished when she is taken as an unwilling concubine by King William's ruthless younger brother Henry, who later ascends the throne under suspicious circumstances.

But it is Nesta's marriage that will really change the course of her life. Gerald FitzWalter, an ambitious young knight, is rewarded for his unwavering loyalty to his new King with Nesta's hand. He is delighted, having always admired her from afar, but Nesta's only comfort is her return to her beloved Wales. There, she cannot help but be tempted by the handsome, charismatic and dangerous son of the Welsh prince, Owain. When he offers her the chance to join him in his plan to overthrow Norman rule she must choose between duty and desire . . .

From the award-winning and bestselling author comes the heartbreaking tale of a woman trying to survive in a man's world - a world where the men who would protect her are dead and banished.

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