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The Longevity Diet
The Longevity Diet

The Longevity Diet

Dr Valter Longo
pubblicato da Penguin Books Ltd

Prezzo online:

Live healthier for longer with the international bestselling guide that will change your life

'The diet that holds the key to staying young . . . Dr Valter Longo is now considered one of the most influential voices in the 'fasting movement' The Times

'Dr Valter Longo is one of the real scientific pioneers when it comes to researching the impact of food on health' Dr Michael Mosley, bestselling author of The Fast Diet and The Clever Guts Diet

This is the clinically tested, revolutionary and straightforward diet to help you slow-down ageing, fight disease and lose weight.

Following 30 years of research, Professor Valter Longo - a biochemist and one of the world's leading researchers into ageing - discovered that the secret of longevity lies in cellular regeneration triggered by a special diet.

And that by adhering to his fasting-mimicking diet, we can heal ourselves through food.

The Longevity Diet will guide you through the process with:
· An easy-to-adopt lifetime plan
· Fasting-mimicking diet 3-4 times a year, just 5 days at a time
· 30 easy and delicious recipes based on Longo's 'Five Pillars of Longevity'

In this lifelong, health-boosting plan, you will feel the benefits of fasting without the hunger and live a longer, healthier and more fulfilled life.

And you'll get to try easy, plant-and-fish based recipes . . .
· Great for the heart and rich in antioxidants: black rice with courgette and shrimp
· For a good source of iron, snack on dark chocolate and yoghurt
· For dessert try tangy dried cranberries and walnuts

Make simple changes that can extend your healthy lifespan
Prevent age-related muscle and bone loss
Build your resistance to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's and cancer
Maintain your ideal weight and reduce abdominal fat


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The Longevity Diet

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