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The Marrow Of Modern Divinity

Edward Fisher
pubblicato da Bhagirathi Publications

Prezzo online:

The Marrow Of Modern Divinity: In Two Parts

Part I. The Covenant Of Works And The Covenant Of Grace.

I. Of the law, or covenant of works.
II. Of the law of faith, or covenant of grace.
III. Of the law of Christ.
IV. Of the heart's happiness, or soul's rest.

Part II. An Exposition Of The Ten Commandments.
Commandment I.
Commandment II.
Commandment III.
Commandment IV.
Commandment V.
Commandment VI.
Commandment VII.
Commandment VIII.
Commandment IX.
Commandment X.
The Use Of The Law.
The Difference Between The Law And The Gospel.


I HAVE perused this ensuing Dialogue, and find it tending to peace and holiness; the author endeavouring to reconcile and heal those unhappy differences, which have lately broken out afresh amongst us, about the points therein handled and cleared; for which cause I allow it to be printed, and recommend it to the reader, as a discourse stored with many necessary and seasonable truths, confirmed by Scripture, and avowed by many approved writers: all composed in a familiar, plain, moderate style, without bitterness against, or uncomely reflections upon others, which flies have lately corrupted many boxes of otherwise precious ointment.
May 1, 1645. Jos. Caryl.

The marrow of the second bone is like that of the first, sweet and good. The commandments of God are marrow to the saints, as well as the promises; and they shall never taste the marrow of the promise who distaste the commandments. This little treatise breaketh the bone, the hard part of commandments, by a plain exposition, that so all, even babes in Christ, yea, such as are yet out of Christ, may suck out and feed upon the marrow by profitable meditation.
Sept. 6, 1648. Jos. Caryl.

If thou wilt please to peruse this little book, thou shalt find great worth in it. There is a line of a gracious spirit drawn through it, which has fastened many precious truths together, and presented them to thy view: according to the variety of men's spirits, the various ways of presenting known truths are profitable. The grace of God has helped this author in making his work. If it in like manner help thee in reading, thou shalt have cause to bless God for these truths thus brought to thee, and for the labours of this good man, whose ends, I believe, are very sincere for God and thy good.
Jer. Burroughs.

I HAVE, according to your desire, read over your book, and find it full of evangelical light and life; and I doubt not but the oftener I read it, the more true comfort I shall find in the knowledge of Christ thereby; the matter is pure, the method is apostolical, wherein the works of love, in the right place, after the life of faith, be effectually required. God has endowed his Fisher with the net of a trying understanding, and discerning judgment and judgment and discretion, whereby, out of the christaline streams of the well of life, you have taken a mess of the sweetest and wholesomest fish that the world can afford, which, if I could daily have enough of, I should not care for the flesh, or the works thereof.

Samuel Prettie.


Generi Religioni e Spiritualità » Cristianesimo » Fede, politica e società » Religione, argomenti generali

Editore Bhagirathi Publications

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 11/06/2021

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230004844341

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The Marrow Of Modern Divinity

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