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Dismas Hardy and Abe Glitsky seek answers for San Francisco's mayor, in this gripping murder mystery. The Motive is the eleventh book in John Lescoart's Dismas Hardy series and is perfect for fans of Scott Turow and Deborah Hawkins.

'Surpasses anything Grisham ever wrote and bears comparison with Turow' - Washington Post

It starts with a double homicide. Because of the high profiles of the victims, the mayor of San Francisco herself demands that a high-ranking detective be put on the case. And so Abe Glitsky is thrust into the controversial investigation. Dan Cuneo, the officer on the case, is immediately wary of Glitsky and doesn't hide his distrust. Matters are made worse when Cuneo starts to focus on his primary suspect - an old girlfriend of Dismas Hardy. Convinced that Hardy's client is the wrong suspect, Glitsky breaks ranks within the police department to continue his own investigation. As Hardy's murder trial builds to its stunning conclusion, Glitsky's search for the truth does more than fuel suspicion against the two men. It reveals a trail of deception that leads beyond San Francisco, where exposing desperate secrets can be the most deadly offence.

What readers are saying about The Motive:

'Seamless writing'

'A great 'whodunit' and a terrific courtroom drama all rolled into one'

'Engrossing to the very last page'


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The Motive (Dismas Hardy series, book 11)

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