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The New Science of Politics

Eric Voegelin
pubblicato da The University of Chicago Press

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"Must be considered one of the most enlightening essays on the character of European politics that has appeared in half a century powerful and vivid."Times Literary Supplement

"Thirty-five years ago few could have predicted that The New Science of Politics would be a best-seller by political theory standards. Compressed within the Draconian economy of the six Walgreen lectures is a complete theory of man, society, and history, presented at the most profound and intellectual levelVoegelin's [work] stands out in bold relief from much of what has passed under the name of political science in recent decadesThe New Science is aptly titled, for Voegelin makes clear at the outset that a `return to the specific content' of premodern political theory is out of the questionThe subtitle of the book, An Introduction, clearly indicates that The New Science of Politics is an invitation to join the search for the recovery of our full humanity."From the new foreword by Dante Germino

"One of the most distinguished interpreters to Americans of the non-liberal streams of European thoughtbrilliant insights."American Political Science Review

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The New Science of Politics

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