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The Runaway Princess

Hester Browne
pubblicato da Quercus

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Love is hard enough without worrying if your tiara's straight . . .

Amy Wilde is tired of the idiots her glamorous flatmate Jo tries to set her up with - she'd much rather be landscaping a garden with her dog Badger at her side than trying to find the man of her dreams. That is, until she meets Leo Wolfsburg. Handsome, polite, funny, intriguing - Leo is everything Amy could want in a man. Best of all, the attraction seems mutual.

But Leo's lifestyle is a world away from her own. Private planes, charity balls, exclusive members' clubs . . . They're from two different worlds, but is that enough to keep them apart?

'An adorable heroine, divine hero and gorgeous writing - basically, it's just perfect' JILL MANSELL

'Clear your diary and turn off your phone. Prince Harry can call you back later . This is a book you won't want to put down' CHRISSIE MANBY


'This has everything**: emotion, wit, real life and true romance****' *******
'Ended up staying all night reading it' *****
'Fantastic from start to finish' *****
'Perfect escapism' *****
'Good old-fashioned romance complete with a Prince Charming' *****

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The Runaway Princess

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