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The Social Safety Net - Nora Loreto
The Social Safety Net - Nora Loreto

The Social Safety Net

Nora Loreto
pubblicato da Dundurn Press

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Canada's social safety net is fraying. Why does it feel like everything is collapsing?

Canada is at a crossroad. Neoliberalism has hollowed out and sold off the social services Canadians rely on now more than ever, and has brought into stark relief the dissonance among colonial, Indigenous, and some of Canada's most at-risk groups.

The Social Safety Net tracks the forty-year attack on Canada's social safety net. As neoliberalism has matured in Canada, Canadians are seeing the impact of these attacks: unreliable health services, crises in education and social services, and a society that feels like it is losing cohesion.

The first volume in a series by activist, author, and journalist Nora Loreto, the Canada in Decline series is the story of Canada's untenable status quo and the forces that have led us to where we are today. It outlines the choices we need to make as well as the possible paths forward to fix all that is crumbling around us.

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The Social Safety Net

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