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The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly
The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly

The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly

Luis Sepulveda
pubblicato da Alma Books Ltd

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Disponibile in 3-4 settimane.
19 punti carta PAYBACK
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Caught up in an oil spill, a dying seagull scrambles ashore to lay her final egg and lands on a balcony, where she meets Zorba, a big black cat from the port of Hamburg. The cat promises the seagull to look after the egg, not to eat the chick once it's hatched and - most difficult of all - to teach the baby gull to fly. Will Zorba and his feline friends honour the promise and give Lucky, the adopted little seagull, the strength to discover her true nature? A moving, uplifting and life-enhancing story with a strong environmental theme, Luis Sepulveda's instant children's classic has been a worldwide best-seller and is presented here with new drawings by acclaimed illustrator Satoshi Kitamura.

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My favourite thing about the book is the bond between the cats, and the way they all help the baby seagull. -- Daniel Pilling, 9, National Geographic Kids Magazine It is a such an animated story - all the characters, including the cats, the seagulls and even the human, are so lively - so it was not hard to picture them. I enjoyed illustrating the book enormously. -- Satoshi Kitamura If Aesop was writing stories for the climate change generation he could have written this spare and wonderful fable. -- Tony from The Alligator's Mouth, Richmond The language throughout is a marvel of economy and warmth * Publishers Weekly * There are many different kinds of families, but this is the story of one of the strangest and most wonderful ones I've ever met! * Teachers Magazine * The inter-species cooperation is heart-warming * Nudge Books * A must read if you like happy tales, and animal tales! * Nayu's Reading Corner * The message is overwhelmingly positive; the writing is superbly descriptive and atmospheric and the story has a powerful environmental message - it's a story to ponder over and perfect for classroom discussion. * Parents in Touch * Kitamura's poetic, humorous and witty illustrations are the perfect match for Sepulveda's fable. I love the fact it's set in my home town. -- Axel Scheffler It's beautifully written, expertly translated and Satoshi Kitamura's illustrations perfectly catch the comedy, melancholy and the joy * Books for Keeps * Luis Sepulveda's fable-like story is an international bestseller, and this translation, with illustrations from Japanese artist Satoshi Kitamura, makes an appealing little package * BookTrust * A charming tale of learning to love and appreciate someone who's different * Inis Magazine *


Generi Children » Animal Stories

Editore Alma Books Ltd

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 24/03/2016

Pagine 128

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781846884009

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The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly

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