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The Tudor Deception (Ben Hope, Book 28)

Scott Mariani
pubblicato da HarperCollins Publishers

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An unmissable new thriller from the master of the genre

An unsolved historical mystery. A brutal bomb attack.

Only one man can track down the killers that link them both.

It's 2005: Ben Hope, recently retired from the military, is living in Ireland and using his SAS skills to find and rescue missing children.

But when asked to take on the case of two boys who disappeared centuries ago, he walks away, little realising he's lit a fuse that will not only destroy the life of someone he cares about, but also lead him on a journey that proves old secrets come with a very modern price.

Ben must follow the trail across Europe, unravelling the mystery and dodging bullets as only he can. As the death toll ramps up, what is the connection between a murdered history professor, an English lord and a pretender to the Tudor throne and can Ben find out the truth before the killers make him their next victim?

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The Tudor Deception (Ben Hope, Book 28)

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