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Reality is not what it appears to be. Our intuition routinely lets us down. Nothing is quite what it seems. We see the universe through a keyhole.

Hannah Fry and Adam Rutherford have spent years wrestling, debating and solving some of the world's greatest scientific conundrums. In this exclusive book, they share the tales that offer answers to questions that at first seem utterly baffling:

- What is a thought?
- What is déjà vu?
- What shape is the universe?
- Why do my headphones always get tangled?
- Why isn't my leg hair as long as my head hair?

This is not a book of trivia. It's a collection of stories - illustrated tales of how and why we know the things we know. Drawing upon their vast experience and expert knowledge, Rutherford and Fry satisfy our childlike curiosity for the world by revealing the secrets of universe. In their inimitable style, they will lead you, the curios, deep down into the wormholes of science, history and philosophy and - maybe - out the other side.

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The Universe through a keyhole

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