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The World of Sicilian Wine
The World of Sicilian Wine

The World of Sicilian Wine

Bill Nesto - Frances Di Savino
pubblicato da University of California Press

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The World of Sicilian Wine provides wine lovers with a comprehensive understanding of Sicilian wine, from its ancient roots to its modern evolution. Offering a guide and map to exploring Sicily, Bill Nesto, an expert in Italian wine, and Frances Di Savino, a student of Italian culture, deliver a substantive appreciation of a vibrant wine region that is one of Europe's most historic areas and a place where many cultures intersect. From the earliest Greek and Phoenician settlers who colonized the island in the eighth century B.C., the culture of wine has flourished in Sicily. A parade of foreign rulers was similarly drawn to Sicily's fertile land, sun-filled climate, and strategic position in the Mediterranean. The modern Sicilian quality wine industry was reborn in the 1980s and 1990s with the arrival of wines made with established international varieties and state-of-the-art enology. Sicily is only now rediscovering the quality of its indigenous grape varieties, such as Nero d'Avola, Nerello Mascalese, Frappato, Grillo, and distinctive terroirs such as the slopes of Mount Etna.

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Impressively well-researched... For anyone who loves Italian wines and wants to know more about Sicily, the book is invaluable. San Jose Mercury News Everyone can appreciate that Italian wines are delicious. But their depth and fascinating history are often overlooked. Italy enthusiasts, Bill Nesto and his wife, Frances di Savino deliver a sincere homage to the vibrant wine region in their book, The World of Sicilian Wine. The Blue Lifestyle A major contribution to knowledge about Italian viticultural history. -- Dean Tudor Gothic Epicures invaluable to those seeking clarity on a region whose successes have gone largely uncharted. -- Jon Bonne San Francisco Chronicle With this book, the authors have given Sicily and its wines an exceptional tribute...they have succeeded in making the story of Sicilian wine both understandable and entertaining, without compromising the academic integrity of the work. Cronache di Gusto An adventure with so much information about the history, culture and winemaking that it is difficult to put it down till the end... Novices as well as wine experts and serious students of Sicilian wine culture and history will cherish the book for a long time. -- Subhash Arora delWine/Indian Wine Academy A full exploration of Sicilian wine, complete with... the region's enological and viticultural evolution, best wineries and most significant wines... A mix of culture, anthropology and more enrich the book. There is no book like this one available on the market. Gambero Rosso's International Tre Bicchieri We also owe a great deal of gratitude to Bill Nesto MW and Frances di Savino for their superb book, The World of Sicilian Wine... [T]he book is a tour de force on Sicilian wine. International Wine Review Wine drinkers who like their wine and vine facts with generous helpings of history, culture and geography will enjoy The World of Sicilian Wine. Nesto and di Savino have written a handy and informative guide for the wine tourist and armchair traveler alike. -- Gerald Boyd Wine Review Online The World of Sicilian Wine ... does more than toss around the word terroir, it burrows deep within it and gives it real meaning. Esquire The authors really do take the title seriously, revealing a stunning 360-degree examination of Sicily's world of wine. -- Mike Veseth The Wine Economist This is a fantastic read ... not just for wine people, but people who are studying Greek and Roman literature and mythology and Italian and Renaissance history. There are so many applications for this book beyond just learning about wine. -- Lynn Krielow Chamberlain iWineRadio Authoritative and humorous. -- Joe Roberts Top 10 Wine Books of 2013: Nesto and Di Savino have given us a model for how to write about an Old World wine region... If you are interested in Sicilian wines or simply the history of Sicily, this is your book. Tom Wark's Fermentation I really enjoyed this book... [It] succeeds in taking us on a voyage through this complicated but magical wine region. -- Ian D'Agata Decanter An essential starting point for anyone interested in the island's wines or Italian wine in general. Wine Spectator A fascinating, well-written study of an area by an accomplished duo who bring Sicily and its wines to life. -- Jancis Robinson With scholarly accuracy and depth ... this oenophile's resource spans all aspects of Sicilian wine, from flavor to geography, varieties, viticulture, terroir, and more. Sante Wine lovers will appreciate this well-researched book on Sicily's wine industry. Italian America: The Sons of Italy Book Club An excellent survey of an important wine region of Italy that is all too often overlooked by wine writers... Accessible to anyone with an interest in Sicilian wine and a passing familiarity with wine terminology. Italian Wine Central I can recall no work that captures so completely in English the story of Sicilian wine. Keep The World of Sicilian Wine handy on your reference shelf, devour it like an Inspector Montalbano page-turner, or use it as a guidebook to the vineyards. The Art of Eating A nifty guide to an up-and-coming wine area. Miami Herald The sheer weight of historical, geographical, and viticultural information is enough to make this the definitive English-language book on the island's wines. The World of Fine Wine


Generi Cooking, Food & Wine » Wine & Beverages

Editore University Of California Press

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 26/03/2013

Pagine 320

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780520266186

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The World of Sicilian Wine

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