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This is a chronicle of encounters with a lot of bird books, in fact a lifetime of such encounters.
The world of bird books is vast and varied, defying coherent description. The author's qualification
for making this attempt to describe it is that he owns several hundred of them, gathered over more
than 70 years. To help make sense of this obsession, the describing of the books is linked to a life in
which traditional birdwatching (and book hunting) went on, in different places, and in between
other things. Some non-bird experiences are recounted, to show this is the story of a real person.
If further qualification for authorship is needed it is surely the distinction of having been bitten, quite
seriously, while birdwatching, by a fox. Who else, among today's legion of bird-book creators, can
claim that badge? Apart from that event, and no less damaging an experience, the author has tried
to chair a committee that recommends names for Australian birds.

Dettagli down

Generi Arte Beni culturali e Fotografia » Collezionismo e Antiquariato » Altre collezioni

Editore Inspiring Publishers / Aspg

Formato Ebook (senza DRM)

Pubblicato 31/07/2023

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781922920621

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Too Many Bird Books

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