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Wednesday Martin
pubblicato da Scribe Publications

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A jaw-dropping re-evaluation of everything we thought we knew about men, women, and sex. Men are biologically programmed to want sex with lots of different women, whereas women are designed to stay true to one person, right? Wrong. In Untrue, New York Times -bestselling author Wednesday Martin reveals that we are just at the beginning of understanding women's sexuality properly. From New York to Namibia to a conference of sex researchers in Montreal, she takes us on a journey to understand women who refuse monogamy, posing questions about why we became sexually exclusive in the first place. Martin attends all-female sex parties where married straight women fulfill their fantasies; considers contemporary societies where women take many lovers; analyses how the invention of the plough suppressed female autonomy; and presents fascinating research about why women stray (their motivations are not so different from men's). Frank and myth busting, Untrue validates the desires of women everywhere, including the 'silent majority' in committed relationships who struggle with staying faithful.

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Insights gleaned during her anthropological deep-dive, gave Martin newfound appreciation for statistics indicating that women cheat about as often as men do. -- Nell Beram * Shelf Awareness * 'Combining Barbara Ehrenreich's immersive reporting style and Carrie Bradshaw's savoir faire, [Wednesday Martin] dispels many myths about female desire.' * O, The Oprah Magazine * [An] eminently readable treatise on the lies society has been fed about female sexuality, agency, and infidelity. With each chapter, Martin builds a case for the primacy of female infidelity and for a societal reckoning with that truth. Step by step, she shows that she's thought deeply about her subject, and that all of these seemingly disparate intellectual threads are related and worthy of having been braided together. The sui generis quality of Untrue is the author's forte. -- Deb Copaken * The Atlantic * 'At times playful, the narrative teems with fascinating commentary about everything from bonobos and paleolithic gender roles to Craigslist ads, as Martin examines how female sexuality continues to be shaped and stigmatised by artificial social constructions, sociopolitical values, and economics, all under the guise of 'natural' female biology and desire. A timely take on femininity and sexuality.' STARRED REVIEW -- Emily Bowles * Library Journal * 'Wednesday Martin has torn up the old established manual about how the world believes women view sex and revealed what's really going on ... With this book, a new sexual dawn is breaking.' * Weekend Sport * 'Riveting.' -- Stephen A Russell * The New Daily * 'Chapters cover topics like infidelity, open marriage, polyamory, and even cuckolding to show that women are not the demure, sex-hating bearers of morality that history and long-standing research (by men) would lead us to believe. -- Kathy Sexton * Booklist * 'Wednesday Martin deconstructs many of the false beliefs that have negatively affected the way women's sexuality is viewed ... This book turns everything we think we know about women and sex completely on its head, essentially undressing the falsehoods of female sexuality to reveal what lies beneath the layers of distortion women operate under.' -- Kerri Jarema * Bustle * 'A simultaneously frothy and substantive tour of female sexual desire ... An indispensable work of popular psychology and sociology.' STARRED REVIEW * Kirkus Reviews * 'For centuries, men have been telling the story of female sexuality. Unsurprisingly, it was was riddled with condescension, bias, and sheer ignorance. With Untrue, Wednesday Martin sets the record straight, shining a light on some of the female researchers reshaping our understanding of what turns women on, and why. This is an important story, beautifully told. Highly recommended.' -- Christopher Ryan, co-author of Sex at Dawn 'Wednesday Martin understands female sexuality -- from the #MeToo movement and polyamory to women's prehistoric and cultural heritage. She goes far beyond our current psychological understanding of women's infidelity to tell the real story of women's ubiquitous, tenacious, and primordial sexual strategies. And her writing is not only informative, timely, and refreshing but wonderfully engaging. Brava, Wednesday.' -- Helen Fisher, author of The First Sex and Why We Love 'If you have ever felt different, other, or just weird when it comes to love, sex, or intimacy, read Untrue. Wednesday Martin bulldozes the sexual stereotypes that have silenced women for eons. By bringing the voices of women who love in a range of ways to the surface, she shows us all that it's not us and our desires that are abnormal: it is a system that has constrained and shamed women. I love this book.' -- Rachel Simmons, co-founder of Girls Leadership and author of Odd Girl Out 'Scientifically literate and sexually cliterate ... an exuberant unfettering of female sexuality that challenges us to 'think outside her box.' Viva la Vulva!' -- Ian Kerner, sex therapist and author of She Comes First 'Dr Mar tin sug gests that if you're strug gling with dis sat is fac tion in your re la tion ship, you should com mu ni cate that to your part ner and ex plore other op tions, such as a con sen sual re la tion ship with some one out side the re la tion ship ... If we're open, hon est and able to com mu ni cate ef fec tively, non-monogamy is n't all that rad i cal.' -- Georgia Aspinall * Grazia * '[Martin] presents compelling food for thought on the very structures upon which our sexual identities are built, and the resistance from science itself that women, at their sexual core, may be more about rollicking adventure than romance and scented candles.' -- Suzanne Harrington * Irish Examiner * 'A provocative exploration of our biases about promiscuous women, with some psychology, primatology and lit-crit thrown in.' -- Johanna Thomas-Corr * Evening Standard * 'The popular myth is that men stray while women stay , but New York social researcher Wednesday Martin sets out to expose that myopic Western view ... This is a fascinating and surprising book.' FOUR STARS -- Rosie Wilby * The Mail on Sunday * 'Great fun ... Martin is a lively, witty and engaging writer ... She moves seamlessly between suburban housewives, rock star academics, macaque monkeys, and indigenous tribes. Her narrative is studded with surprises and even some cliffhangers ... Fascinating' -- Christina Patterson * The Sunday Times *


Generi Parenting & Family » Dating & Singles , Social Sciences » Gender Studies » Sociology » Psychology

Editore Scribe Publications

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 11/10/2018

Pagine 320

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781911617310

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