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Vision of Islam

SACHIKO MURATA - William C. Chittick
pubblicato da Paragon House

Prezzo online:

Something is lost when Western thinkers approach Islam. They seem to see the religion in historical and cultural terms, obscuring Islam's own internal logic and its true beauty and spirituality. This clearly written introduction to Islam changes that, vividly explaining the Islamic perspectives that have rung true for Muslims for nearly 1400 years.

The book covers the four dimensions of Islam as outlined in the Hadith of Gabriel: practice, faith, spirituality, and the Islamic view of history. Drawing on the Koran, the sayings of the Prophet and the great authorities of the tradition, the text introduces the essentials of each dimension and then shows how it has been embodied in Islamic institutions throughout history.

"This lucid and compelling account of Islam is written from what might be called a phenomenological perspective. Because its principal aim is to present Islam as a living faith from a Muslim perspective as reflected in the classical texts of the tradition, Murata and Chittick (comparative studies, SUNY, Stony Brook) go to some length to differentiate their work from the numerous historical, critically oriented introductions to Islam that have appeared over the last several decades.... The book is intended to serve as an introductory text in undergraduate college and university courses on Islam, but it can serve equally well as an introduction to Islam for a more general readership. Useful glossary of technical terms; brief set of notes. Recommended to all college and university libraries as well as to public libraries concerned to maintain up-to-date information on major living religions.M. Swartz, Choice

"This work is one of the most successful introductions to Islam for a Western audience. A comprehensive study, which beginning from within the precinct of the revealed truths of the faith expands in ever widening circles to embrace the whole vision of Islam." Seyyed Hossein Nasr, George Washington University

"This is a book that every introductory course on Islam should attempt to incorporate. It describes and elucidates extremely well the integrity and coherence of Muslim faith and piety and how they relate to practice and culture."William A. Graham, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University

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Generi Religioni e Spiritualità » Islam » Civilà islamica

Editore Paragon House

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 09/09/2011

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781610830423

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Vision of Islam

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