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When Women Attack An Anthology of True Crime

Robert Ponce
pubblicato da Trellis Publishing

Prezzo online:

A True Crime ANTHOLOGY detailing the attacks of women on their husbands, boyfriends and strangers...all of which led to their deaths.


The city of Rome, Georgia, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains and occupying the administrative center of Floyd County, is not known for its production of nation-wide news. Indeed, to the outside observer, the city (home to 36,000) would likely appear as nondescript as any mid-sized, somewhat detached American city would be. As the nation would discover in mid-2004, however; even places like Rome can produce a scene of such horror as to grip a country by the hair, gluing its citizens to their TV screens.On the morning of July 5, 2004, an employee of Rome's Frito-Lay distribution center was pulling into work when he noticed a man standing by the doorway. The employee initially thought nothing of the stranger, since workers commonly arrived at the center during dawn hours. After a moment, however, it became clear that the man standing by the doorway was visibly nervous, and he made a hasty exit. Naturally, the witness entered the building to see what the stranger had been up to. What he found was the body of Thad John Glenn Reynolds, 36 years old. He was stabbed a total of 19 times and was left for dead.


One of the most gruesome and bizarre crimes that ever occurred in Las Vegas was discovered on February 5, 2001. The manager of Canyon Gate Mini Storage, Bill Unruh, opened Unit #317 after someone reported a very bad smell. He found a 45-gallon garbage container that had a brownish liquid oozing out of it at the bottom. He called police. Detectives entered a unit that contained normal items on one side and the oozing sealed-up garbage container on the other side. There were also books about witchcraft and Satanism in the locker. Unruh told police that the unit had been rented in the names of Brookey Lee West and Christine Smith on June 26, 1998. The garbage container had been made airtight with duct tape, packing tape, plastic wrap, and garbage bags. The leakage was coming from a hole that had developed in the bottom. When investigators cut the container open, more fluid seeped out accompanied by dead maggots. They could see a human body inside, very decomposed. The body was mostly liquefied, but those on scene could easily see that a white plastic bag was tied around the person's face. Crime scene analysts tested the brownish liquid for human blood and the test was positive.In the storage unit, Detective David Mesinar found Christine Smith's wallet, ID, prescriptions, and documents relating to her Social Security payments. Dental records confirmed that the body was Christine's. Christine would have been 68 years old if she was still alive. Detectives began by looking for Christine's daughter, 46-year-old Brookey Lee West.


Kristina Fetters was the youngest woman in the state of Iowa to get sentenced to life in prison without parole after she murdered her great-aunt. But eighteen years later she would be re-sentenced after the Supreme Court ruled that mandatory life sentences for minors was unconstitutional. Kristina would later be released to a hospice center as she developed breast cancer in prison. But what happened that fateful night of October 25th, 1994? Kristina was only fourteen years old, five-feet tall and barely one hundred pounds. Yet she committed one of the most brutal assaults in the history of her Iowa town. This is what transpired in her life before and after she committed a brutal murder of her loving aunt.

BRITTANY HOLBERG Brittany Holberg was a twenty-three years old prostitute when she was convicted of murdering 80-year-old A.B. Towery Jr, stabbing him over sixty times.


Generi Politica e Società » Problemi e Processi sociali » Violenza nella società » Servizi sociali e Criminologia » Pene, punizioni, prigioni

Editore Trellis Publishing

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 19/06/2021

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9798201685041

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When Women Attack An Anthology of True Crime

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