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Where Two Worlds Meet

Gordon Smith
pubblicato da Hay House

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From internationally renowned medium, spiritual teacher and bestselling author Gordon Smith comes a captivating tale about finding your way through death, grief and loss.

'Nothing that lives can truly die,' said the stag, 'but we must all experience a winter in our lives, otherwise we haven't truly lived.'

Following the tragic death of his sister, 10-year-old Dill's life changes forever. In an attempt to escape their grief, Dill and his parents move to his grandmother's remote cottage in the countryside. Isolated from his family, who are struggling to come to terms with their loss, Dill spends his time exploring the wild landscape with his trusty spaniel, Bramble. He soon learns that life in his new home, the Dip-n-Dells, is anything but lonely.

With the help of his grandmother, Dill learns a magical language that allows him to befriend the animals of the Dip-n-Dells and uncover the secrets of the mystical landscape around him. As his friends in nature help him to understand the cycles of life and death, the cloud of sadness surrounding Dill begins to lift. Determined to share this gift with his parents, Dill and his friends set out to bring light back into their lives. In doing so, he finds out that where love is involved, anything is possible....

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Where Two Worlds Meet

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