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Why Me? Life After an Accident or a Disease

Ximena Tiscareño
pubblicato da Galaxia Literaria

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Many people confronted with a health loss often find themselves pondering the question: Why me? Unfortunately, the most accurate at times, saddest and most painful response is that there are no answers to what transpired. Thus, one embarks on a challenging journey towards acceptance.
Based on true stories, Why me? is a book that reveals that, even in the absence of a direct answer, there is a meaning. It might unfold late, but rest assured, it will unfold.
Why me? offers a glimpse into the experiences and challenges of individuals who have encountered health losses, compelling them to redefine their lives. Despite the adversity they faced, they underwent a rebirth and soared once more. The purpose of this book is to assist those navigating health losses or similar processes, providing them their own tools and empowering them to take flight once again.

Ximena Tiscareño. She pursued a career in psychology and has working experience on the clinical, investigation and educational areas. At present she is pursuing a doctoral degree in the field of health sciences. She has also studied mindfulness thoroughly across various meditative schools. Through them she finds a genuine mean of aiding herself and others to find their own well-being.

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Generi Salute Benessere Self Help » Self Help » Mente, corpo, spirito

Editore Galaxia Literaria

Formato Ebook (senza DRM)

Pubblicato 05/01/2024

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9798215976333

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Why Me? Life After an Accident or a Disease

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