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Written in My Heart - Emily Carson - Mark Traynor
Written in My Heart - Emily Carson - Mark Traynor

Written in My Heart

Emily Carson - Mark Traynor
pubblicato da O'Brien Press Ltd

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James Joyce's Dublin sprawls through the intricate street networks of Dublin's inner city, quaint village main streets that pass through its coastal towns, vast park lands, prim suburban roads and grotty back alleys. Discovering Joyce's Dublin is to learn more about the fabric of a city and society that was changing at an astonishing rate, and bore the marks of a country that was struggling to define its national identity. You'll see the places where figures like W.B. Yeats and George 'AE' Russell, who had a large influence on Joyce's work, would meet with him to discuss the Irish literary revival amongst other things. This book shows the hidden landmarks of Dublin city that make Joyce's work so vastly detailed and illustrious. It takes you on a coastal tour of Dublin's seaside villages, through the manicured lawns of the suburbs and on a pub crawl of bars that make appearances in his work. A unique way to delve into Dublin and learn about its history through the eyes of one of its most famous former residents.

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joyful ... an excellent, highly accessible guide suitable for academics and book-lovers alike in their quest to understand more intimately Joyce's oeuvre or, as the title suggests, his heart ... thoughtfully composed ... a fun, informative guide through a city with an inimitable literary history -- James Joyce Quarterly a trio of Irish writers and illustrators have pieced together the ultimate guide to following in the footsteps of Eire's greatest bard - literally. Written in My Heart traces the scribe's daily outings through Dublin, stopping at significant signposts along the way to engage, educate and entertain readers (walkers?) with charming and curious tidbits of historical trivia. Easy-to-read trail maps and imagery accompany bite-sized chapters and paragraphs to shine a light on the acclaimed author, the magnitude of his work, and what it meant to a city on the cusp of a cultural revolution * Celtic Life International * a unique way to learn about Dublin and learn about its history through the eyes of one of its most famous residents -- Ireland's Own beautifully illustrated ... delightful -- Clondalkin News, Tallaght News, Lucan News, Rathcoole & Saggart News features nine walking trails around the city, taking you on a journey through Joyce's personal life and ending, happily, with a pub crawl -- Irish Independent

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Generi Biographies » Autors & Writers , Travel & Holiday » Europe » Street maps & City plants

Editore O'brien Press Ltd

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 02/05/2016

Pagine 96

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781847178206

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Written in My Heart

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