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***An Unbreakable Covenant***recounts the true story of a desperate mothers' covenant prayer with God for a child. When the family become trapped one night on top of a snow-capped mountain in the wilderness, God sends an Angel to rescue His covenant child, issues a soul shaking warning and leaves behind a mysterious list of bible verses with divine instructions. Nanette hopes to encourage others by sharing her astonishing story of supernatural intervention, redemption and revelation that promises to change the world.

The story unfolds after the unwed couple have an abortion. Once they marry, Nanette believes God is preventing her from getting pregnant so she does the unthinkable: praying to God for a child, she enters into a covenant prayer: if God gives her a child, then she will give that child back to God. The prayer is then forgotten, but not by Almighty God.

After the birth of their son, the family become stranded at night on a snow capped mountain trail in the remote Oregon wilderness. Desperate to save her child's life, Nanette prays again for Gods help and led by the Holy Spirit, is saved by a mysterious man named John Mark.

John Mark recounts how God woke him up in the middle of the night to rescue His covenant child. By listening to Gods supernatural instructions, John Mark drove up the deserted, snow bound logging trail searching for the covenant child. Seeing only the parents, John continues driving past the family, searching further up the mountain.

Upon finding a baby seat in an abandoned jeep, John returns back down the mountain trail. Moved by the Holy Spirit the mother opens her coat revealing the sleeping child into Johns headlights, where John Mark finding Gods covenant child, the family is rescued.

John Mark intervenes yet again, soon visiting the family's remote mountain home to check on the mother and child. After John supernaturally transforms into Jesus, Nanette now stands face to face with Christ, incurring his wrath from her long forgotten covenant prayer with God.

Ashamed and remorseful, Nanette receives judgement from Almighty God. After Gods issues the mother a soul shaking warning and ultimately redemption, John Mark then leaves behind a mysterious list of bible verses and divine instructions from God.

From a simple covenant prayer, to Gods wrath and redemption, the revelation of Gods holy instructions have the power to change any believers life today.


Generi Religioni e Spiritualità » Storia delle religioni » Liturgia, Preghiere e Canti

Editore Backslider Publishing

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 01/01/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781734396805

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An Unbreakable Covenant

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