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50 Beaded Earrings

pubblicato da Penguin Publishing Group

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The best of Beadwork magazine, EARRINGS!

For more than 20 years, Beadwork magazine has been the go-to publication for the best projects in the beading community. In this ultimate collection, the team at Interweave has pulled together your favorite must-stitch earring designs into one essential resource--50 Beaded Earrings. This assortment features:

Your favorite techniques and styles for beautiful beaded earrings.
Bite-sized projects that allow you to learn new beadweaving techniques without a huge time commitment.
Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions for projects that range from beginner-friendly to expertly designed.
Beaded earrings have timeless style! Stitch yourself a jewelry box full of stunning designs with 50 Beaded Earrings.

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50 Beaded Earrings

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