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"Temple Barr, public relations whiz, rocks Las Vegas with her sleuthing grit, wacky friends and sexy guys, cool cat sidekick, fast-paced action and laughs. And Midnight Louie is the funniest, hairiest hard-boiled PI on the planet!"JANET EVANOVICH, NYT bestseller

"As her latest hip crime caper to feature Alpha cat Midnight Louie, with his cranky, Columboesque voice shows, Douglas just keeps getting better at juggling mystery, humor and romance. This one unfolds like one of those Russian nesting dolls there's always one more question to will welcome another intriguing piece of the puzzle."Publishers Weekly

"The ambitious, alphabetical series finds feline gumshoe Midnight Louie back in the heart of Las Vegas. Series characters leap into a gonzo noir world where radio waves pulsate virtual advice into the deadly night, over the strip clubs behind the Strip. Douglas provides a terrific cliffhanger and the wordplay (e.g., "feline fatale" and "martial/marital arts"") is still great fun.Kirkus Reviews

"Feline PI Midnight Louie prowls the alleys of Las Vegas, solving crimes and romancing runaways like a furry Sam Spade. People magazine

"Carole Nelson Douglas has taken anthropomorphism to elegant heights."Pulishers Weekly

"Each new installment in this exuberant series compounds the complexity, leaving us between books with mysterious bodies and looming menace."Kirkus Reviews

"You never know what madness and mayhem you'll find in Douglas's mysteries, but you can be sure it will be wild, witty and utterly irresistible." San Francisco Chronicle

A new Midnight Louie book is pure catnip, as Ms. Douglas exquisitely crafts a clever puzzler in style noir with striking characterization and rare clarity of visionnot only does she set a scene with vivid precision, but she in turn uses it as an incandescent prism through which she superbly illuminates the human experience. And in the irresistibly witty Louie, she creates a legendary sleuth who ranks right up with the greatsTravis McGee in fur!"RT Book Reviews

"When it comes to romantic mysteries, Carole Nelson Douglas is the quintessential author."Alternate Worlds

"Midnight Louie captured my attention from the very first page!"SANDRA BROWN, NYT bestseller

"The Midnight Louie series reads like a serial, with each escapade segueing seamlessly into the next as if they were all a part of real life....The streets of Las Vegas were never so treacherous, nor so inviting as in this adventure replete with trademark wordplay, heartstrings and yes, even a murder or twoMostly Murder, The Best of 1998 list

"Temple's tempestuous love life (not to mention her world-class shoe collection) and Max and Matt's past and present problems are just part of the fun...You never know what madness and mayhem you'll find in Douglas's mysteries, but you can be sure it will be wild, witty and utterly irresistible."San Francisco Chronicle

The Prime Suspect finds the series "everything you might want in a mystery: glitzy Las Vegas, real characters, suspense, a tough puzzle, and...on top of it all, a fine sense of humor and some illuminating social commentary."

"Once again Ms. Douglas lights up the skies with a dazzling blend of witty prose, clever plotting and just plain old good fun. No wonder Midnight Louie is everyone's cat's meow."Melinda Helfer, RT Book Reviews

"Douglas leads her readers on a merry chase before neatly drawing these disparate threads ogether. Midnight Louie's fans will be delighted."Publishers Weekly

"Las Vegas's feline detective extraordinary returns... Louie is an irresistible combination of


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Rosa » Gialli, mistery e noir

Editore Wishlist Publishing

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 17/08/2017

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781943175123

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Cat in an Indigo Mood

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