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Fixed Odds
Fixed Odds

Fixed Odds

by William McIntyre
pubblicato da Sandstone Press Ltd

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On the home front, defence lawyer Robbie Munro is looking forward to the birth of his second child, while at work he's called to defend George `Genghis' McCann on a charge of burglary, and Oscar `the Showman' Bowman, snooker champion, on one of betting fraud. Genghis has stolen - and lost - a priceless masterpiece, while Oscar doesn't seem to have a defence of any kind. With another mouth to feed and promises of great rewards if he finds both painting and defence, Robbie has never been more tempted to fix the legal odds in his favour.

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`Refreshing and compelling... Very highly recommended!' -Denzil Meyrick; 'Pithy humour is something McIntyre does well and this book is no exception. It's another tale involving the sometimes hapless lawyer Robbie Munro, with larger than life characters and a great story-line with a nice twist.' -Scots Magazine; `Yet another terrific outing for Robbie Munro... Fast paced and witty.' -The Journal of The Law Society of Scotlan; `A goodly dose of murder and mayhem, spiced with a dig or three at the establishment (`the system') and an articulated lorry load of humour. Exciting, entertaining - fun, fun, fun.' -NB Magazine; `A great read... With humour and a good helping of breath-holding we follow Munro as he negotiates the complexities of preparing a case for a less than willing client and the emerging carnage surrounding the mystery of the missing masterpiece.' -Undiscovered Scotland; `A perfectly crafted Tartan Noir with mixed layers of hilarious moments and dangerous times intertwined in the every-day life of a one-of-a-kind lawyer!' -Meggy Roussel, Chocolate 'n' Waffles blog; `Gripping, funny, one hell of a read and I am adding it to my list of contenders for my top ten reads of the year.' -Lost in the Land of Books blog; `Quick paced, funny and fresh.' -CharleneJess blog; `A quick, funny and interesting read' -BooksKatLikes blog; `Would definitely recommend to readers who enjoy defence lawyer protagonists! I'll be off to pick up some of the early books myself!' -GNTxReads blog; `A legal thriller that is full of wit and larger-than-life characters to delight the reader. An entertaining legal mystery with a darker core, this is another winner in the Munro series.' -Live and Deadly blog; `I just adored everything about Fixed Odds.' -Whispering Stories blog; `A lot of fun.It offers a fine mix of investigative thriller and courtroom drama, with plenty of dark humour thrown in.' -Brown Flopsy's Book Burrow blog; `An excellent legal thriller.' -Alex J Books blog; `A really fun crime thriller' -The Caffeinated Reader blog; `Very entertaining. It was laugh out loud funny.' -Portobello Book Blog; `A mixture of a legal defence plot, unsavoury Scottish characters and this was all stirred up with dark Scottish humour and great characters.' -Chocolate Pages blog; `Unputdownable.' -Shan Ellis Williams blog; `This tense, thrilling legal novel will keep you hooked. Fans of Steve Cavanagh will enjoy this series of books.' -Books Behind the Title blog; `A great portrayal of the justice system in Scotland by an intelligent, witty legal thriller writer.' -Books, Tea and Me blog; `Full of dark humour, this is an entertaining story of deceit and lies, with a fascinating lead character who you can't help but fall in love with.' -Cal Turner Reviews blog


Generi Mystery & Crime » Modern Mystery & Crime » Thrillers

Editore Sandstone Press Ltd

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 04/07/2019

Pagine 320

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781912240722

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Fixed Odds

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