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You spot your best friend's husband having dinner with another woman. Should you tell your friend or keep the discovery to yourself? Such questions of right and wrong come down to karma - the consequences that every action carries. At the simplest level, karma is the Biblical idea of "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." Good karma gives us a clear conscience, a necessary condition of contentment; bad karma is the burden of wrong action that prevents us from being wholly happy. How can we find our way through the karmic labyrinth? How can we clear up past mistakes and make things right for the future?

To these questions, Joan Duncan Oliver provides illuminating answers in 20 themed dialogues between seeker and sage. Joan helps us navigate the karmic labyrinth, offering essential advice on atoning for our past mistakes and making things right for the future. This is the essential guide to becoming master of your own destiny.

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Good Karma: How to Find it and How to Keep it

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