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INFJ Words Of Wisdom: Accomplished INFJs Speak Out On Happiness, Relationships, Work, Wealth, Government and Religion

by Dan Johnston
pubblicato da Dan Johnston

If you are an INFJ, this book is an opportunity for you to learn from some of the most famous and successful people who share your personality type. Indulge yourself in this collection of over 200 fun, inspiring, and thought-provoking quotes from famous INFJs who share the same strengths and weaknesses as you do. Inside you'll find insights into relationships, creativity, work, happiness and money.

At first look, INFJs can be mistaken for extroverts and often have multiple personalities they share with the world. However, INFJs are reserved and very private individuals. They prefer to operate in the background versus the spotlight, and see little need to show off or stand out.

Despite their independent natures, INFJs have a deep caring for others and value one-on-one relationships. Within their relationships, INFJs are driven to resolve differences, clear up problems, and generally behave cooperatively.

INFJs value personal growth and are conscious of themselves and their path to a better self. They look at ideas, events and relationships with a focus on growth and the learning experiences hidden within.

The mind of an INFJ is a rich and vivid world. Spending much of their time in this inner world,
INFJs can be complex, mysterious and puzzling to those around themand often even to themselves. They have a structured view of the world, but it is arranged in such a way only they are capable of fully understanding it. This leads INFJs to be very abstract in how they communicate, mixing facts with hidden meanings and possibilities.

INFJs tend to be kind to others and are generally well liked. Other types will often consider an INFJ to be a close friend, however the INFJ is often hesitant to open up and fully express their feelings to all but their closest companions.

One reason INFJs are slow to open up and build close friendships is their sensitivity. They can be easily hurt by the words or actions of others, especially those they trust. When hurt, INFJs may not express themselves or their hurt, instead withdrawing from the situation or relationship that has caused them pain. This can leave others confused, and wondering what happened.

With a natural affinity for art, INFJs tend to be creative and easily inspired, yet they may also do well in the sciences, aided by their intuition.

The quotes are broken into seven categories:
-Famous INFJs on Happiness and The Meaning of Life
-Famous INFJs on Family and Friends
-Famous INFJs on Business and Money
-Famous INFJs on Work, Career and Education
-Famous INFJs on Government and Religion
-Famous INFJs on Love, Relationships, Romance and Sex
-Famous INFJs on Healthy Living, Travel, Youth, and Everything Else

What better way to learn about success than from successful people who share your same core personality type?

Buy this book today for a thought provoking journey into your own personality and the inspiring future that awaits you.


Generi Salute Benessere Self Help » Self Help » Lavoro e carriera , Psicologia e Filosofia » Psicologia

Editore Dan Johnston

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 12/03/2016

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781310302817

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INFJ Words Of Wisdom: Accomplished INFJs Speak Out On Happiness, Relationships, Work, Wealth, Government and Religion

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