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Mastering Manifestation

Shannon MacDonald
pubblicato da Ascension Publications

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MASTERING MANIFESTATION is a must-read book for 2021 for anyone looking at how to apply the Law of Attraction to everyday life.

Do you live the life of your dreams or just dream of the life you wish you could live?

If you ever feel as though you are sleepwalking through life with no time to get it all done, you are not alone. MASTERING MANIFESTATION is a book to help guide you on the journey to conscious creation as you wake up from the dream of forgetfulness and listen to the song of your soul. No matter where you are on the road in life, or how the world appears to be, you are always a few steps and higher vibration away from magnetizing the life of your dreams. You just need to remember how.

Sprinkled with inspirational messages from Higher Consciousness, MASTERING MANIFESTATION provides step-by-step guidance and practical exercises to help you shift from fear, negativity, and limitation to magnetize, create, and sustain your happiest life and highest potentials - even when the world around you seems otherwise.

Once you begin to remember the truth of who you are as a conscious creator, you embody the Secret of Attraction Energy, the uncommonly known foundation for the Law of Attraction. You remember your mastery and limitless potential as you begin to transform limiting beliefs and predominant energy from fear to love and stagnation to creation.

The cornerstones of positive and lasting transformation are revealed in the 12 Keys of Conscious Creation. These Keys offer a blueprint to help manifest positive outcomes from your infinite potentials as you become the awakened dreamer of your destiny instead of the blind follower of your fate.

MASTERING MANIFESTATION presents a gateway to your radiance within to help you remember your divine inheritance of imagination creation and your innate ability to magnetize and live the life of your dreams. It helps you alchemize your best life as you realize what you have been searching for all along or felt was missing is right here, right now.

The destiny of your dreams is waiting to be discovered within you, not somewhere "out there." The Universe always says "Yes" to your predominant energy. Discover how you hold the master key to magnetizing the life you dream of and the world you dream of living in.


Awaken dormant dreams and unfulfilled potentials and discover how to shift the energy of your thoughts, raise the energy of your emotions, and transform limiting beliefs.

Learn how your predominant energy is a powerful contributor to manifestation.


Learn how to identify and transform energetic blocks and shift your magnetic qualities to attract and create what you want in life with the 12 Keys of Conscious Creation.

Practical exercises to easily apply the 12 Keys of Conscious Creation to everyday life.


Discover the two things that hold the Master Key to unlock joy and unlimited possibility and potential in your life.

Gain the information and tools that millions long to discover to attract, create, and sustain the life of your dreams!


Generi Salute Benessere Self Help » Self Help

Editore Ascension Publications

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 27/04/2021

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781736510216

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Mastering Manifestation

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