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© 2019. Reprinted from 2014, SJM Family Foundation, Inc. All rights reserved and transferred to Jorea M. Kelley, Inventor of PARfessionals service and products. **THIS IS THE SECOND EDITION (2015) **

" Lived experience, or experiential knowledge serves as an integral component of addiction recovery coaches/ peer recovery support specialists both personally and professionally. It is gained by having a particular set of experiences that your client can identify with, and is a powerful way to understand, feel accepted and connect with on similar and equitable terms.

Understanding each client's situation or lived experience evolves from sincere communication through engagement. Our use of competent and relevant language and expressions are more likely to engage the client in a dialogue that brings forth an open, honest and trusting display of feelings and emotions. It is a valuable way to communicate and gain a more accurate understanding and interpretation of a client's beliefs, values, and situations of their lived experience and authentic self. Communication and understanding of the client's world or lived experience becomes a vital element to eectively carry out the role and responsibilities of addiction recovery coaches/peer recovery support specialists."

The rise and fall of Obamacare

" Good health, a place to live and a job It is always best to start with the basics: Health, shelter and the means to support yourself and/or your family. First, we will take a very general look at healthcare laws, including the Affordable Care Act (generally referred to as Obamacare). Next, we will look at federal laws and agencies that regulate housing, then nish with a brief look at federal employment discrimination laws. "

A joke.

This study guide was composed in 2015, and is part 2, to the original PARfessionals' Peer Recovery study guide (2013) and addendum (2014) prepared by PARfessionals' Founder Jorea M. Kelley in 2014-5. She currently lives in an homeless shelter on the U.S./Mexico border, and receive food stamps. She didn't get a $65 million dollar book deal as the Obamas.

Ms. Kelley has closed the training school down and is preparing to focus on the global lifetime certification program (which will be administered from Canada) that she has worked on and privately paid for, along with clinicians worldwide and an American college board for 11 years.

***The colors used on the cover are inspired by the sidewalk colors of the street at the International Walking Bridge, of the U.S./Mexico Border in Laredo, Texas. ***


Generi Scienza e Tecnica » Medicina , Politica e Societ√† » Politica e Istituzioni » Governo locale

Editore Parfessionals Signature E-books By Jorea M. Kelley, Nationally Certified Psychiatric Technician, Level 4

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 22/07/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230003329788

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PARfessional Peer Service Provider Vocational Training SECOND EDITION

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