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Public Transit Planning and Operation
Public Transit Planning and Operation

Public Transit Planning and Operation

Avishai Ceder
pubblicato da Taylor & Francis Inc

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Addresses the Challenges Facing Public Transport Policy Makers and Operators Public Transit Planning and Operation: Modeling, Practice and Behavior, Second Edition offers new solutions for delivering both better services and greater efficiency, solutions which have been developed and tested by the author in over thirty years of research work with mass transit policy makers and operators all over the world. It bridges the worlds of practice and research and academia, provides an overview and a critique of currently used operational planning methods, and furnishes innovative practical techniques and modeling. Improve Service Performance and Successfully Manage the Costs of Operation This new edition brings in new material on timetabling and vehicle scheduling with different vehicle sizes, new methods of designing transit route networks, analysis of transit coordination and connectivity, behavioral aspects of passengers including when making transfers, and innovative methods related to automation and optimization which can be used in real time to significantly improve service reliability. Combines academic research with real-world project experience Focuses on issues encountered in practice Provides unique coverage of the field Public Transit Planning and Operation: Modeling, Practice and Behavior, Second Edition incorporates a series of themes and new ways of thinking about planning and operation. Bridging the gap between theory and application, this text outlines the factors affecting public-transport services, addresses common problems, and offers practical solutions for improvement.

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The book is aimed squarely at transit researchers and practitioners. It fills an important void in the literature, as most existing material is exclusively quantitative or qualitative. This book bridges both, and leaves the reader with a sense of satisfaction and a desire to learn more about the topics at hand. The spirit of the first edition remains alive, with applied operations research as the vehicle through which most discussions are presented. -Professor Daniel A. Rodriguez, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA ... a single text that covers the full set of issues in transit operations and planning... includes concepts from theory and methodologies from practice... not only for students of transportation engineering and city planning at universities and in professional courses, as well as for transit agency managers and consultants, but also for PhD students and researchers. -Professor Agostino Nuzzolo, Tor Vergata University of Rome


Generi Professional & Technical » Engineering , Science & Nature » Geography & Earth Sciences

Editore Taylor & Francis Inc

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 17/07/2015

Pagine 744

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781466563919

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Public Transit Planning and Operation

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