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Sustainable Innovation and Impact
Sustainable Innovation and Impact

Sustainable Innovation and Impact

pubblicato da Taylor & Francis Inc

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Following the Brexit and Trump election cycles, consistent, long-term policy solutions to environmental and other societal challenges are becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. Stepping into this breach is a clear opportunity for innovation by public and privately held companies, as well as the increasingly significant role of investment and consumption. Sustainable Innovation and Impact provides a roadmap of the many critical pathways of positive change emerging to achieve modern day societal success, including rapidly evolving corporate and investment innovation and impact strategy considerations. Exploring innovation around the future of energy, electricity and related technologies, as well as transportation and buildings efficiency, Krosinsky and Cort consider ideas framed around the circular economy, operational and supply chain strategies and the global economy. Drawing together a diverse range of contributors and case studies, this book will be of great relevance to students, scholars and professionals with an interest in innovation, economics and sustainability more broadly.

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Sustainable Innovation and Impact is a terrific read for anyone interested in break-through thinking and solutions for the 21st century. You'll be drawn in by the topics and quality writing -- and emerge with a renewed sense of optimism about where we are and where we can go in an age of sustainability, sustainable finance and investing. Innovation and Impact, together, allows us to deliver socio-environmental and economic growth, and justice, in our own backyard and across the nations of the earth. A must read for all practitioners, funders and policymakers, investors, faculty, students and citizens. -- Nancy Degnan, Senior Advisor, Education, Columbia Water Center, Columbia University, USA Sustainable Innovation and Impact by Krosinsky and Cort has arrived just when it was needed most. Sustainability has been on a twenty-plus year journey, and has reached the point where concepts once regarded as on the fringe of financial markets are becoming mainstream. But for sustainability to truly transform society we need to unlock new ideas. Krosinsky and Cort have brought together a collection of writers that challenge us to think differently. The ideas in this book are powerful and have the capacity to deliver meaningful benefits, but perhaps the most important thing this book does is to encourage us all to look for solutions in new ways. -- Gordon Noble, Principal Adviser at the John Grill Centre for Project Leadership, University of Sydney, Australia This book informs, educates, and inspires, with proposed solutions highlighting the necessity for individuals everywhere to discover their own paths for creating impact in their own lives and for the world including through collaborations. To meet our biggest social and environmental challenges today and in the future, we must support and encourage just this type of innovation. -- Jenny Chan, Senior Investment Officer, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, USA From his first book a decade ago, Cary Krosinsky has consistently proven his keen ability to foresee the evolution of sustainable investing. Now in this latest work with Todd Cort, he again proves he has his fingers on the pulse, making a convincing case for Innovation and Impact solutions as catalysts of the ongoing evolution of investing. Their work offers an informative and actionable overview on how to navigate this critical stage of a dynamic and rapidly evolving field. -- Amr Addas, Lecturer, Sustainable Investing, Concordia University, and Vice President, External Relations for the Finance and Sustainability Initiative (FSI) in Montreal, Canada.


Generi Business & Economics » Business-Reference & Education , Science & Nature » Nature & Ecology , Politics & Philosophy » Interdisciplinary Studies

Editore Taylor & Francis Inc

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 10/05/2018

Pagine 300

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780815386773

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Sustainable Innovation and Impact

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