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The Gardener Says
The Gardener Says

The Gardener Says

pubblicato da Princeton Architectural Press

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The Gardener Says invites readers to a festive garden party where guests ranging from Gertrude Jekyll and Henry David Thoreau, to Michelle Obama and Michael Pollan share their insights and words of inspiration. Ranging from the humorous to the poignant, these quotes from gardeners, poets, philosophers, and landscape designers highlight both the joys and challenges of gardening-the exhaustion at the end of a long day's work, the satisfaction of seeing a flower blossom, the peace and happiness of time spent in quiet contemplation. A delightful hobby, a potent tool for ecological and social transformation, and a crucial reminder of our place in nature, gardening is, in the words of Mirabel Osler, the one occupation where if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.

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In The Gardener Says, you will be exposed to an abundant number of quotes that showcase all of gardening's many moods and phases. I would recommend this book to any gardener or non-gardener looking for a simple read about the highs and lows of gardening. - Washington Gardener The Gardener Says: Quotes Quips, and Words of Wisdom makes it clear that working in the garden is not simply labor. It is a place to find happiness. - The Recorder (Greenfield, Mass.) Looking for the perfect gift for the avid gardener who already has enough gloves and tools? This beautiful book is full of quotes on gardening. Nina Pick did a wonderful job compiling them all. - Farm to Table The earth turns. The pages fall from the calendar. And the first amusing garden book arrives. This one is a host/hostess gift for the passionate planter in your life....[I]t's a pocket-sized anthology: 150 pages of deep thoughts and witty comments about gardening. - Head Butler Tuck this pocket-size book in your garden vest or place it on a table near a window overlooking your yard. Its 158 pages will inspire you....[This] compilation of thoughtful and powerful insights helped me understand, on a personal level, my desire to garden. - The Oregonian Filled with humor, reflection, and a love of plants and planting, this breezy collection may just remind horticulturalists why they seek and find solace in their gardens. - Publishers Weekly


Generi Home & Garden » Gardening , Languages & Reference » Directories

Editore Princeton Architectural Press

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 19/02/2019

Pagine 160

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781616897765

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The Gardener Says

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