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The Little Helpers: Bella Helps Increase Pollination
The Little Helpers: Bella Helps Increase Pollination

The Little Helpers: Bella Helps Increase Pollination

Claire Culliford - Emma Allen
pubblicato da Legend Press

Prezzo online:

A new series of climate-conscious children's books.

Bella is a bee. Bella's grandma, Bonnie, is a queen bee. Bella notices there aren't as many flowers in the garden as there used to be and the ones which are there are dry and wrinkled containing very little nectar. How can Bella help the flowers grow? What can she do to make more honey?

Bella Helps Increase Pollination is part of the Little Helpers series, written to support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. With fantastic, colourful animal characters, the stories show children how helping each other and their environment can be lots of fun!


"Engaging and educational" People's Trust for Endangered Species

"Wonderful" Peter Hylands, President, Australian Wildlife Protection Council

"Truthful and inspiring" Emma Girvan, PR and Communications, The Australian Koala Foundation

"Beautiful" Anne Rowberry, Chair of The British Beekeepers Association

"Educates and inspires" Iglika Trifonova, Chair of APECS Bulgaria

"Fun and engaging" Jason McCartney, MP for Colne Valley

"Really engage[s] children and provide[s] a platform for them to explore some really big questions" Debbie Kelly, Principal, Beaumont Park Academy

"We love Claire's characters" Rufus Bellamy, Manager, David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme

"Fun and accessible" Joe Eisen, Executive Director of the Rainforest Foundation UK

Hector Helps Clean up the Park
Penny Helps Protect the Polar Ice Caps
Tyler Helps Find a New Home
Paula Helps Prevent Air Pollution
Kati Helps Avoid Hunger
Bella Helps Increase Pollination
Eddie Helps Locate Water
Pan Pan Helps Shelter From Acid Rain


Generi Non definito

Editore Legend Press

Formato Ebook (senza DRM)

Pubblicato 13/09/2021

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781800315570

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The Little Helpers: Bella Helps Increase Pollination

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