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War and Revolution
War and Revolution

War and Revolution

Domenico Losurdo
pubblicato da Verso Books

Prezzo online:
Disponibile a partire dal 19/08/2020.
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War and Revolution identifies and takes to task a reactionary trend among contemporary historians. It is a revisionist tendency discernible in the work of authors such as Ernst Nolte, who traces the impetus behind the Holocaust to the excesses of the Russian Revolution; or Francois Furet, who links the Stalinist purges to an illness originating with the French Revolution. In this vigorous riposte to those who would denigrate the history of emancipatory struggle, Losurdo captivates the reader with a tour de force account of modern revolt, providing a new perspective on the English, American, French and twentieth-century revolutions.

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Praise for Liberalism: A Counter-History A brilliant exercise in unmasking liberal pretensions, surveying over three centuries with magisterial command of the sources. --Financial Times Stimulatingly uncovers the contradictions of an ideology that is much too self-righteously invoked. --Pankaj Mishra, Guardian A book of wide reference and real erudition. --Times Literary Supplement The book is a historically grounded, very accessible critique of liberalism, complementing a growing literature critical of liberalism. --Choice There is always something to learn from books by Domenico Losurdo. And this is no exception. --Corriere della Sera Vast historical research recommended for the depth of the 'excavation' and for the wealth of new material that emerges. --Il Sole 24 Ore A philosopher-historian of great lucidity, author of always innovative books. --La Stampa Losurdo is almost unbelievably well read. --Jacobin Losurdo's book, fruit of a continuous intertwining of historical investigations and philosophical reflections, not only constitutes a criticism of historical revisionism but also does not want to be just an invitation to look to the past to better understand the century behind us: it contains precious tools for criticising the war ideology that the West seems to want to reinstate today. - Stefano G. Azzara & Leonardo Pecoraro, International Critical Thought War and Revolution: Rethinking the Twentieth Century is a relentless document. It is dense and disconcerting. This is precisely why it should be considered one of the most important history books written since [...] 9-11. - Ron Jacobs, CounterPunch


Generi History » Contemporary History » Modern History , Politics & Philosophy » Political Activism & Participation » Politics & Government

Editore Verso Books

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 21/01/2020

Pagine 368

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781788736664

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War and Revolution

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